The Alliance Conference 2017

July 26-30, 2017

Dear Conference committee,

what were you thinking when you picked that motto? "reform.aktion"? Is that a motto at all? It's not even a real word if you look at correct spelling and grammar. Fair enough, it's quite trendy with the dot in the middle. You're probably trying to attract younger people by that.
To be fair, I think it was a good idea not to choose "Reformation" as a motto. We will certainly be hearing that word a lot throughout the next few months with all the reformation-euphoria around us.
I also think you did a good job choosing the book of Romans as a topic for 2017. Many discoveries Martin Luther made that led to the reformation are based on that book after all.
And one can be excited to find out that the second part of the book of Romans will be next year's topic as well. I certainly am excited about that.

I guess all of that means I need to come back! And I might be able to find out what you were thinking when you put that little dot in the middle of that word and why you inserted a K as well. I certainly will be thinking about that throughout the next few weeks again and again.

First of all, though, I mustn't forget to put the conference's date (July 26-30, 2017) into my calendar.

May you be blessed with lots of amazing ideas and the guidance from the Lord whilst preparing bible studies, seminars, concerts, services etc. etc. etc.

Many greetings from a person looking very forward to this year's conference...